Magic Bullet Advanced Fuel Treatment

Safe, Clean, Proven technology that restores all combustion engines to their original state. In new or old vehicles Magic Bullet Fuel Treatment provides a performance boost at the same time as protecting the engine and extending it’s life.

Magic Bullet® the world’s first performance restoring fuel treatment formulated specifically for motorcycles and now available in different formats for cars, vans, trucks, and taxis.

Magic Bullet® dramatically restores showroom engine performance in any vehicle by de-coking the engine, cleaning injectors and fuel lines and by extracting up to 15% more power from the fuel.

Used continuously it maintains peak engine performance, reduces smoking and emissions and extends engine life. Magic Bullet® is added directly to the fuel and is available in 100ml, 350ml and 500ml bottles. Magic Bullet® is the result of years of development and testing to solve a recurring problem with all engines. How to use instructions here, although it cannot get any easier – open gas/fuel cap and pour.

From the moment any car, truck or motorcycle leaves the showroom it quickly loses its clean engine factory performance due to carbon build up in the engine. The result is steady loss of performance and a diminishing driving experience.

Visit the Store to ‘Add The Magic’ and enjoy the improvement in your riding or driving experience. Don’t forget if you are putting your bike away for the Winter adding Magic Bullet will make sure you start up first time when you start riding again. Our fuel treatment is a well known fuel stabiliser and looks after your fuel even when it’s not in use.


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